About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of friends in Berlin who wanted wonderful tasting fruits. Fruit so fresh, ripe and tasty that it could make us feel like we are in the countries its being grown!

Why do we care so much about fruit? (And why you should too!)

We were heartbroken by the fact that >30% of fruit grown is wasted due to inefficiencies in supply chains. In simple terms not being able to match supply and demand correctly.

Traditional stores over-order and either throw away fruit that can not be sold or otherwise keep unripe fruit on their shelves too long. This also hurts the environment as fruits are being transported from all around the world just to be thrown away.

JoinOrder is building a sustainable, community driven supply chain to access fresh fruits

Our community goal is simple: Get the most fresh, ripe and tasty fruit while cutting out wastage.

So we came up with a simple but powerful idea to access the highest quality fruit while cutting out wastage. (and funnily enough this also cuts out more and more middlemen as our community grows).

The idea is simple, we collect orders from our community and then place this with suppliers of ripe fresh fruits. So we don't over order, we don't waste and over time as our community grows we also cut out more and more middlemen between consumers and producers.

Why is JoinOrder fruit so tasty?

We only list items that are in season and available at high quality in a fresh, tasty and ripe form. This is why you will see our weekly options and sources change.

Our weekly purchases arrive on Thursday mornings and we then immediately delivery to you. Meaning we cut down the time between when the fruit was picked and when you get it, this has a very big impact on taste.

Compare this to the traditional approach where fruit has been sitting around in a shops storage area and then on it's shelves and being touched by passers by and you quickly realise all the things that make the difference.

How can the community help?

We are just a small group of friends on a mission to cut down food wastage while delivering the highest quality products from around the world. There are so many middlemen and supply chain inefficiencies to solve to to make this work for our community.

The one thing that helps us most is our community growing. As our community grows it means we can cut out more and more middlemen and reduce the number of steps between a farmer growing high quality fruit and the consumer enjoying it, while cutting out wastage.

So to support our community growth please spread the word, we will also start rewarding and incentivising you in fun ways to make this easy!