Indian Groceries: Get more for less!
What? We are going to get our online Indian grocers(Spice Village, Jamoona, Asia Super Shop, Zora & IndiaStore) to compete to offer us bonus credits.

How? Reserve an amount in the form below. Once the total group size reaches €300 in reservations, the stores get an email to send us a bonus %. The store with the highest % wins and you get sent the coupon credit. e.g. If you select €30 and highest bid is 15% then you will get a €34.5 coupon to use!

How big is the bonus? The bonus will be at least 10%. P.S. If you select card payment you won’t even be charged until a bonus >10% is confirmed by the winning store!
Indian Groceries
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(JoinOrder facilitates the ordering of goods for individuals as groups and does not take responsibility for the products.)
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How does this group order work?
  1. Add your € reservation in the form above e.g. €30
  2. Once the group reservation reaches €300, a 24 hour timer starts for the four stores to submit a bonus %. You can still join the group during the countdown.
  3. The store that submits the highest bonus % wins (min. bonus 10%). You will then be emailed coupon codes to use on their online shops.
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