Indian Sweets: Southall to Berlin!
We order sweets from Southall, UK to Berlin as a group. Many people wanted to join our group orders so we made this page to make coordination easier so more people can participate.
FAQ Below: What shop we are ordering from and why, delivery & pick-up, communication etc.
You can also see what others are ordering in this batch below to get ideas.
Indian Sweets: Southall (UK) to Berlin Group Order Form
1. Go to the Panji Sweets Website to see the range and select the items you want below:
Select an item

2. Please enter your contact details:

(JoinOrder facilitates the ordering of goods for individuals as groups and does not take responsibility for the products.)
Step: 1/4
How does this group order work?
  1. Add your individual order to the form above and add your payment method.
  2. After ~10 people (min. 18kg) has been added to the order, each card will be charged and the order will be placed with the producer directly (note: bank transfers have immediate charge).
  3. Once the order starts you will be sent an email with link to get live updates (payment collection, order placed with supplier, status from UK to Berlin, ready to pick-up, reviews)
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